Browsing through the hidden treasures of the city of Milan

By Ugo Rossi

Translated by Jack Davidson Walmsley

Because one needs a good ear… quoting the unforgettable Enzo Jannacci, a great artist who sang about Milan and his life.  And it’s precisely in the Lombard capital that this phrase finds its rightful setting. Here we are in Via Serbelloni 10, within the Porta Venezia neighbourhood, where we can find an Art Nouveau building designed by Aldo Andreani at the end of the 1920s. Its name?  Casa Sola Busca, known as “Ca’dell’Oreggia” (House of the Ear), a name that derives from the large bronze ear located next to the front door.

The work of art was created by the artist Adolfo Wildt and represents the first intercom of the time, although it is no longer functional. Legend has it that if you whisper a wish in his ear, it will come true. Why not give it a try? A final curiosity. The image of the ear was used by singer-songwriter Eugenio Finardi for the cover of his album “Acustica”. This alone would be reason enough to treat oneself to a visit…


And if that’s not enough, take a few more steps and you’ll find yourself in front of Villa Invernizzi.

Mr. Invernizzi was the man behind the Mio cheeses and many other products that are well known in Italy and throughout the world (who does not remember Susanna Tutta Panna and the Carolina the Cow?).

But apart from cheese, Invernizzi’s great passions were philanthropy and nature. These were the reasons that led him and his wife to buy a villa in Via dei Cappuccini, which is now inhabited by 12 pink flamingos that have lived there since 1970. After all, who wouldn’t love a place with such a beautiful garden close to the centre of Milan?

But beware! To admire these animals you can only approach the premises and look through the fences where these birds will indulge your curiosity. Not to everyone however!

See you next Sunday with the tale of another part of our beautiful Milan.

Cortina is lit up in pink for the Giro d’Italia, starting in a month’s time.
Jack Davidson Walmsley
Jack Davidson Walmsley
Jack Walmsley, British blood but Italian in his heart. Passionate about Rugby, Food, Nature and tourism, have been working as Concierge in 5 stars hotels for many years. He's been working for EnjoyItalyGo since 2019.

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Funny thing to see in MIlan: the Flamingos that leave in a Villa and the House of the Ear.

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