New paths for a truly inclusive type of tourism

By Elena Travaini

Translated by Jack Davidson Walmsley

May this new year be rich in love, serenity and hope for all. The year that has just passed has put us all to the test, but as you know, even in the deepest darkness you can find a glimmer of light, be it an emotion, a loved one, a dream come true or an extraordinary event.

I would like to bring to your attention the completion of an extremely positive social and inclusive project within the San Basilio district on the eastern outskirts of Rome. On the 30th of December 2020, works were completed on the playground and the garden opposite the San Cleto school complex, as well as the reorganisation of the car park in Via Nicolai, close to the school, made possible by the Public Works Department of “Roma Capitale” as part of the DE.SI.RE. project for the redevelopment of the city’s suburbs (Which actually stands for Decency, Security and Resilience).


The project involved the construction of a new social area in the neighbourhood, safely accessible to people affected with disabilities. The project included the installation of 16 benches, 9 waste bins, a water fountain, Loges paths for the blind, a drainage system, and the upgrade of the illumination network with energy-saving LED light poles. A new play area for children has also been created with trauma proof flooring.

In Via Nicola Maria Nicolai, the parking area has been rearranged, with the addition of three special spots for people with disabilities, the improvement of the public lighting system, the planting of new trees and the restyling of the hydraulic system has also taken place.

Percorsi per non vedenti Foto di Mabel Amber

The Department of Public Works has built a new one-way street, modifying the road system in the area to more effectively and safely connect Via Bernardini with Via Nicolai. There is also a pavement, alongside the roadway, with Loges paths and new seasonal plants on the lawn.

I wanted to describe in detail all the different enhancements made to the neighbourhood because, as a person with a severe visual impairment, I am convinced that all too often we do not realise how important safety and special routes are for people who face life and small things with greater difficulty on a daily basis. I think it is wonderful that in this neighbourhood they have managed to combine safety, accessibility and at the same time child friendly areas.
I hope with all my heart that this can be an example to the rest of the country, developing and creating accessible and inclusive social and architectural projects.

Jack Walmsley, British blood but Italian in his heart. Passionate about Rugby, Food, Nature and Mixology (Gin in particular). Aspiring member of the Golden Keys currently in force at the Park Hyatt Milan as Night Goalkeeper, the undisputed reality of Milanese hospitality. The Lockdown was a hard blow for me, but I can't wait to get back in the game!

Jack Walmsley, sangue Britannico ma Italiano nel cuore. Appassionato di Rugby, Cibo, Natura e Mixology (Gin in particolare). Membro aspirante delle Chiavi d’oro attualmente in forza al Park Hyatt Milano come Portiere Notturno, realta’ indiscussa dell´ospitalita´ Milanese. Il Lockdown per me e´stato un duro colpo, ma non vedo l’ora di rimettermi in gioco! Traduco i testi in inglese per EnjoyItalyGo. Linkedin

Elena Travaini classe 1986 nella vita sono una mamma, una moglie, una ballerina professionista ed un insegnante di balli di coppia. Ho lavorato anche come modella, fotomodella e presentatrice di eventi. Mi occupo di formazione e crescita personale e proprio in quest’ambito ho vinto il premio nazionale come eccellenza italiana nel campo della crescita personale. La mia citazione preferita è: “Ognuno di noi ha un paio di ali, ma solo chi sogna impara a volare”. Collaboro con piacere con Enjoyiatlygo 

Jack Davidson Walmsley
Jack Walmsley, British blood but Italian in his heart. Passionate about Rugby, Food, Nature and tourism, have been working as Concierge in 5 stars hotels for many years. He's been working for EnjoyItalyGo since 2019.

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