Torino: The Cinema Museum reopens

Di Jack Walmsley

Finally, after the total lockdown imposed by the Government due to the Coronavirus Emergency, the National Cinema Museum will gradually return to activity starting from Tuesday the 2nd of June;

Opening from 9 AM to 8 PM, then followed by Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the same timings.

The building itself is unique in Italy and amongst the most important worldwide, having it’s residence in the most significant architectural symbols of the city “La Mole Antonelliana”.

The Museum will enforce control measures based on the latest security procedures with addition of an experimental programme to manage the flow of visitors.  

This system was created thanks to the co-ordination of the museums partners and suppliers, agreeing to reconcile on the safety measures requested in the anti COVID-19 guidelines.

The Museum has been completely sanitised and all the safety protocols have been verified and certified. 

Access will be granted by respecting the following rules:

* Wear a face mask;

* Disinfect your hands by using the gel dispensers placed along the route;

* Contact zones continually sanitised by cleaning personnel, easily identifiable and always present, whilst the pathway will be one-way.

All of “La Mole”will be accessable with few or reasonable restrictions as the tour path has remained practically unaltered: From Archeology of the Cinema to the Temple Hall.  

Also re-opening is the Exhibition of “Cinema ad Osso” Annamode from Cinecittà to Hollywood, extended until the 18th of January 2021; 

This is a unique Exhibition of it’s genre that celebrates the extraordinary history of the Fashion House, Annamode, Italian excellence from the 1950’s to today, in the realisation of clothing for big national and international cinematographic productions.  

An unmissable opportunity to relive the origins of an exceptional period where talent, creativity and artisan knowledge were able to extend beyond the boundaries of our Nation.

The majestic patrimony of rare materials and precious objects present in the Museum is considerable:

Around 1,800 preserved works, in many cases unique pieces worldwide; 950,000 photographs; 530,000 posters and publicity materials; 8,900 gadgets (objects?souvenirs?) Cinematographic memorabilia; 8,950 appliances and 10,850 artistic artefacts; 37,000 silent and talking films; 42,000 volumes and over 138,000 periodicals and magazines; 250,000 press cuttings; 1,350 music scores; 15,000 archived files; 37,700 video library titles and 4,800 cinematographic soundtrack recordings.

Admission to the Museum exclusively with an on-line pre-paid ticket.

Web address:

The panoramic lift will remain closed until the programmed maintenance works have concluded.

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The Cinema Museum is located in Torino in Italy.
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