Written communication in hospitality industry

Whether it’s an hotel description on your website, an email sent to a guest, a memo to give to a colleague, a message to deliver to the hotel guest, a report for the Manager, or a social media post, all forms of written communication in hospitality industry have the same goal of disseminating information clearly and concisely.

Poor writing skills often lead to mistakes and sometimes even potential legal risks. A message written on the web, of whatever type it is, especially in the digital age we are living in, continues to live, perhaps forever so, there are two things to remember about written communication in hospitality industry: first, write well: take care of the contents down to the smallest details, make sure the content of the message is something you want to promote or be associated with in the long term.

Written description of hotel sample

In the hospitality industry it is always preferable to give a comprehensive and truthful description of the hotel to the potential guest. It makes sense to mention the building if this is of particular relevance, for example if the hotel is housed inside an ancient castle or an historic villa. It always follows the place where the hotel is located, for example in the city center, a few steps far from the sea or on the hill with spectacular views of the valley.
Another important aspect to take into consideration in written hotel description is its accessibility and its centrality with respect to the main tourist and/or business travel-related attractions such as cathedral, museums, parks, conference centers or particularly important institutions.

_ [hotel name] is housed in an elegant 17th Century castle fully restored and refurbished and offers a charming mix of London style and design in the English countryside, immersed in tranquility and away from prying eyes. Guests can discover exquisite dining in the beautiful setting of the winter garden, and take a relaxing walk along the paths of the ancient park. The [name] Spa offers Ayrvedic treatments of synergy between mind and body providing effective beauty solutions found in nature itself_

Written communication for hotel offer sample

Under contract law, hotel reservations are binding contracts that consist of mutual promises. Hotel through written communication agrees to provide the guest with an accommodation at the rate specified and the client agrees to pay for their reservation. (Source: Legalmatch)-

In order for a contract to be valid and enforceable, it must include the following:

  • An offer;
  • And acceptance of the offer presented;
  • A promise to perform;
  • Valuable consideration;
  • A time when or an event at which the performance must be made;
  • Terms and conditions for the performance; and
  • Performance.

Is a Hotel Reservation a Legal Contract?

By following that legal points, a well-structured offer not only protects both the hotel and the guest but provides both with precise, targeted and detailed information resulting in better work performance and greater customer satisfaction.

Dear (Title Mr./Mrs.) (Surname),

With refernce to your request, we would like to thank you for your interest in (hotel name) and it is a pleasure for us to offer you the following accomodation.

•Arrival date:

•Departure date:

•Room (Type and how many):

•Daily rate …………

  Rates are per night, per room, 10% VAT included/excluded

  City tax €….. Per night, per person.

•Breakfast (type of breakfast available, included or not, price per person per day)

•Payment: If a credit card authorization is needed ask to fill and sand back the attached form.

•Guarantee: Please provide a valid credit card details to guarantee the reservation.

•Cancellation policy: list the one the guest can use

•Advice about other services available. (recommendable)

•Information about how to reach the hotel. (Optional)

We hope that our offer will be suitable for you and we kindly ask you to let us have a final confirmation. We look forward to hearing from you and, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification.

Written communication for hotel: The right way to take a message.

Telephone messages must be complete, accurate and legible, presented on hotel letterhead and containing the following information:

•Caller’s name and telephone number.

•Recipient name.

•Date, time and initials of the employee who received it.

•Message text

Messages received before the customer arrival will be given at his/her check-in time while it is good practice to keep the messages received for 48 hours after the customer has checked out and send them to the legitimate recipient according to his instructions.

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