By Marta Roncalli and translated by Jack Davidson Walmsley

On the 18th January 2021, MiBACT selected an island for the first time ever naming the theme: “Culture does not cause Isolation”.

The Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) selected Procida, the smallest of the islands within the Gulf of Naples, boasting only 4 km2, as the 2022 Italian Cultural Capital.

The committee, chaired by Stefano Baia Curioni, justifies their choice by stating that the cultural project presents elements of attractiveness and quality of an excellent level.

Il-borgo-di-Terra-Murata – Campania – Napoli

The framework of local and regional public and private support is well structured, the heritage and landscape dimension of the place is extraordinary, the laboratory perspective, which includes social aspects and technological implementation is specific to the Tyrrhenian islands, but is also relevant to all the realities of the small Mediterranean islands.

The tiny island of Procida managed to overcome many other candidates, including cities like Ancona, Bari, Cerveteri, L’Aquila, Taranto, Trapani, Verbania and Volterra.


This island is a place for exploration, experimenting and learning, a cultural blueprint and a metaphor for present-day society.

The power of imagination and the tangible nature of its vision show Procida as an exemplary capital of relational dynamics, inclusive practices and care for the cultural and natural heritage,” said the Jury. The project presented by Procida could determine, thanks to the combination of these factors, a real discontinuity in the territory and represent a model for sustainable processes of cultural-based development of the island and other coastal realities in our country.

The cultural programme, is the culmination of a series of sessions with the active involvement of the population, embracing, among other things, 44 cultural projects, 330 days of programming, 240 artists, 40 original works and 8 regenerated cultural venues.

This project is also capable of conveying a poetic message, a vision of culture, which extends from the small reality of the island as a greeting and a message of peace to all of us.

MiBACT’s choice rewards the efforts of the island’s whole community.

Dino Ambrosino, mayor of Procida and Agostino Riitano, Candidates Director, have jointly declared to be happy and proud because the choice of MiBACT rewards the efforts of the entire community on the island and the support of those who have, since the first phase, believed in an ambitious and exciting challenge.

Procida will be the cultural capital of the Gulf of Naples, of the Phlegraean area, of Campania and of all the small islands of Italy and the Mediterranean – says the first citizen. A long and stimulating job awaits us, we express our satisfaction in a very peculiar moment for the whole country and in respect of those who have suffered and are suffering from the pandemic.

The Procida 2022 project launched in December 2019, with the commencement of the group exhibition “Legami del mare”, consisting of historical navy related artifacts donated by individual citizens.

Marina Corricella di Procida
Marina Corricella – Foto del Comune di Procida.

Local initiatives involving all age groups

A series of initiatives accompanied the eve of the dossier’s presentation: among these was a singular open-air concert, called Il canto delle sirene, of ships and hydrofoils in the Gulf of Naples which simultaneously sounded their on-board sirens, held on the 16th of December last year. The Paper Fleet, on the 23rd of December, instead involved the youngest inhabitants of the island and other small Italian islands, supporting Procida and its mission: symbolic boats made of recycled paper took shape in their hands, promoting the message “Culture does not isolate”.

Finally, with “Un faro per la cultura” (A lighthouse for culture), the municipalities of the Gulf of Naples illuminated the island of Procida on the 6th and 7th of January through a symbolic and evocative beam of light across the sea.

More than 50 famous local endorsers supported the bid, like actors Toni Servillo, Isa Danieli, Peppe Barra, Marco D’Amore, writers Maurizio De Giovanni and Valeria Parrella and singer Gigi D’Alessio. The support network comprises the universities located in the territory, the Region of Campania and the Metropolitan City of Naples, as well as a number of other institutions, associations and private partners.

Ritratto di Marta Roncalli
Marta Roncalli, studentessa universitaria e appassionata di comunicazione legata alla fotografia, collabora con EnjoyItalyGo

Marta Roncalli: Studentessa di Scienze politiche, Comunicazione e Società e giovane fotografa, mi appassiona il mondo dell’editoria e della comunicazione visiva. Le lingue straniere e la fotografia sono per me potenti mezzi espressivi ed interessanti strumenti per conoscere la realtà. Linkedin.

Jack Walmsley, British blood but Italian in his heart. Passionate about Rugby, Food, Nature and Mixology (Gin in particular). Aspiring member of the Golden Keys currently in force at the Park Hyatt Milan as Night Goalkeeper, the undisputed reality of Milanese hospitality. The Lockdown was a hard blow for me, but I can't wait to get back in the game!

Jack Walmsley, sangue Britannico ma Italiano nel cuore. Appassionato di Rugby, Cibo, Natura e Mixology (Gin in particolare). Membro aspirante delle Chiavi d’oro attualmente in forza al Park Hyatt Milano come Portiere Notturno, realta’ indiscussa dell´ospitalita´ Milanese. Il Lockdown per me e´stato un duro colpo, ma non vedo l’ora di rimettermi in gioco! Traduco i testi in inglese per EnjoyItalyGo. Linkedin

Redazione EnjoyItalyGo
Viaggiamo in Italia alla scoperta di luoghi meravigliosi da proporti per farti vivere un'esperienza unica ed indimenticabile. Noi della redazione di EnjoyItalyGo siamo prima di tutto un gruppo di amici che condivide la passione per il turismo e lo vede da prospettive differenti. Ciascuno di noi vive il turismo quotidianamente lavorandoci dentro! Silvia, Ugo e Jack operano nell'Hospitality a stretto contatto sia con i manger dell'ospitalità che con gli Ospiti dell'albergo; Ambra è un Hotel Manager; Elena è un vulcano di idee in costante eruzione e ha un punto di vista mooolto curioso ed autentico, mentre Olga è arrivata in Italia da turista e qui è rimasta avendo trovato l'amore. Andrea è appassionato di storia e di sport Abbiamo unito idee e talenti per metterli a vostra disposizione. Parlarti dell'Italia per noi è passione, emozione, è farti fare un'esperienza. Il Bel Paese è ricco di tutto questo, nella sua storia, all'interno di una ricetta o di un bicchiere di vino, dentro un museo. Passeggiando tra le vie di borghi e città oppure fra sentieri immersi nella natura, scoprirai con noi angoli insoliti ed affascinanti. resta solo da preparare la valigia e partire! Buona lettura La Redazione di EnjoyItalygo

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